Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Our Diary

12/02/09 (First Entry Of Our Diary
Today we had a midwife appointment our first one called a booking appointment. The midwife took all past details of the two pregnancies from before, blood pressure, weight, height and also talked about any worries.

I am booked in for a weeks time to have a blood test (standard Procedure), and will receive a date for our first scan which will be in three weeks time.

How am I feeling, very tender boobs, tired, queezy and a little dizzy. I go to the toilet every two minutes haha!! And hating the smell of most things.

This week I have read that the babies organs are all well on the way of being developed, it has got webbed toes and fingers at the moment which is normal as this stage in the pregnancy and is about half inch long. It is starting to jump around as the nervous system has kicked in..

Karl - Babe don't forget the mood swings you have been getting through being pregnant, its no joke having a bloody frying pan being thrown at my head and being told by you that when you give birth you will be crushing my balls to kingdom come! haha!!


  1. love the blog ,look forward to seeing it develop.

    love you both lots and look forward to seeing the scan of my beautiful grandchild

    mom xx